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Stacey Agnew supports Kenmore High HPV racing

The Maryborough Technology Challenge HPV (human powered vehicle) event involves teams of school students building pedal powered vehicles and racing them around a street circuit for 24 hours.

Kenmore State High School entered a team for the first time in 2010, with support from Stacey Agnew.  Besides being a lot of fun, the variety of challenges in the event and its planning, and the motivation of a keen student team, allows the students to build their abilities in a way that is not possible in a normal classroom.  While the entry was organised by the industrial technology teachers, there are also fantastic opportunities for making maths and physics work for the vehicle builders and riders.

With school budgets for such niche activities always tight, the learning benefits of ‘real world’ interaction clear, and the whole thing being such good fun, Stacey Agnew jumped at the chance to be involved.  We offered technical advice on the design and provided the running gear, from the pedals through to the tyres.  The teachers and students designed and built the frame, seat and steering and put it all together with lights, signs etc.

To show full support, Conrad Stacey camped with the team inside the circuit and did the 2am to 7am shift in the pits. The teamwork and determination in powering round the circuit at 3am was quite something and whizzing along dark streets in the wee hours was a buzz for the students. The Kenmore team had a range of ages from grade 9 to grade 12 and, despite running out of time to build an aerodynamic fairing, came 20th overall out of a field of 99 starters. A fantastic result for the first ‘campaign’.

The new challenges for next year include building an aerodynamic fairing and changing the design slightly to minimise pit time for mechanical adjustments or repairs.  We look forward to helping, particularly with aerodynamic advice.


Conrad presenting a team shirt to Ben Hard
The Kenmore team. Front (L –R): Jesse Hill, Darcy Lehmann Nick Burton, Carl McLean, Ben Hard. Standing (L – R): Conrad Stacey, Anmohl Tanda, Geordie Koest, Michael Clayton, Rory MacDonald, Jack Ruhle, Adam Stacey, Anoop Tanda, Bruce McLauchlan

Jack Ruhle at speed down Kent Street

Wheel after race contact with a black-faired vehicle

The crew changing riders

Jesse after sending a new rider on his way

Geordie changing shoes and Adam warming down while Bruce McLauchlan and Rory MacDonald look on at the start of a long night



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